Top 7 Most Romantic Places in the World

Stereotypes are the reason why Paris is considered to be the most romantic place in the world. And, nevertheless, this is not the only fabulous place to spend time with a pretty ukrainian ladies. Some places are more sunny and exotic, while others are extremely idyllic with lovely cobbled streets, ancient architecture, and unforgettable views. Check them out!

  1. The Maldives. Clear, emerald water, white sand beaches, and lively reefs increase the desire to escape to the Maldives. Add luxurious overwater bungalows with the best amenities and direct access to the water and maybe even a small pool overlooking the ocean to this and you will have the rest, which you can only dream of.
  2. Mallorca. The island has long been considered one of the most romantic places in the world. It’s just a sparkling mix of all the rules of romance. How can you not fall in love with the rocky coast of Mallorca with its amazing coves and shining blue water? All this is headed by nice architecture, villages built on rocky cliffs, and citrus plantations that take you back in time.
  3. Italy. In Spezia, there is a place with charming houses, blooming bougainvillea, beautiful blue waters, and a contagious carefree atmosphere. The idyllic seaside villages of the Cinque Terre, dotted with the sheer cliffs of the Italian Riviera look very romantic. All this makes it a perfect alternative to Paris with all the power of romanticism.
  4. Morocco. Tourists may find it difficult not to feel romance on the streets of Rabat. This is a dazzling city of beautiful buildings and life that is in full swing. It is filled with hotels offering good rooms at competitive prices. So, romantic rest here is associated with accessibility.
  5. Thailand. What attracts all travelers to this place? Thailand is an attractive option for lovers seeking a romantic paradise. It has gorgeous beaches, warm sea, and an extremely rich selection of local cuisine. It is also necessary to mention the unforgettable interaction with the surrounding animal world, the spiritual experience, and resorts that offer a certain level of luxury. Raleigh Beach is the best choice for honeymooners.
  6. Tahiti. This place is very similar to the Maldives. Tahiti boasts incredibly blue waters, bungalows above the water, and stunning sunsets. Nevertheless, the fascinating and incredibly hospitable Polynesian culture combines quite well with lush mountains, black sand beaches, extinct volcanoes and waterfalls, which only enhance the exoticism of the island.
  7. Bali. This island in Indonesia attracts with its diversity of landscapes, cultural attractions, and vibrant water world. Couples in love can go surfing or diving, and then visit the active volcano and pray in the temple. Bali is a quite popular tourist destination and its attractiveness is undeniable, especially for traveling couples who want to plunge into the local culture and immerse themselves in the island’s nature as much as they need while being close to the beach.